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Welcome to the website of the Canadian Society for Civil Engineering Hong Kong Branch (CSCEHKB).

We are the first overseas branch of the Canadian Society for Civil Engineering launched in Hong Kong in May 2007 and officially incorporated as a non-profitable learned society under the Business Registration Ordinance in August 2009. We are established to promote the objectives of our parent Society, as Canadian civil engineers in Hong Kong are actively engaged in planning, design and construction of buildings and infrastructures in the local community.

With the strong support and enthusiasm of our members, we have steadily grown and increased our community presence by organizing and participating in many professional and technical activities. We also devote to promote Canadian practice of civil engineering in Hong Kong through education and training and by means of establishing CSCEHKB student chapters in some local universities with civil engineering program.

As an overseas branch and a non-profitable learned society in Hong Kong, we seek for opportunities to collaborate with local associations and the Canadian engineering organizations to enhance civil engineering in all aspects as well as providing services to meet Hong Kong engineers’ needs. We appeal for your continuing support and participation in our technical activities, and also our student engineering programs here in Hong Kong.

This website provides a wealth of information about us and our latest news. I hope you will find our website informative and useful. Your suggestions and comments are most welcome.

Enjoy your surfing!


Chairman, CSCEHKB




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